There are few things that come close to bringing me as much joy in my work than when sharing my knowledge and expertise with customers.
This past saturday morning, 16 women joined me at my new Columbia store for the first decorating workshop held at this location. We talked about making your house truly your home with the use of color and accessories.
I'd like to share a few tips below for those that couldn't make it!

Creating a personalized look with color and accessories does not have to be overwhelming! Throughout the years as an interior decorator, I can think of so many clients who were somewhat "lost" when trying to decide on a color scheme. My suggestions are many in reference to color choices... perhaps the most basic, however, is to start in your closet!
Many times, the color inwhich we are most comfortable with are those that we wear.
Keep in mind that some colors are more condusive to certain rooms. The passion of reds, for example, are such excellent choices for rooms such as dining rooms to increase the appetite.
Similarly, northern exposure rooms do well to create visual "warmth" with golden yellow and comfy red tones. Blue.... the infamous "masculine" color isn't just for the guys any longer...
the serene touch that they lend gives a very calming effect. Such an excellent choice for a room needing serenity. Combine red and blue and what do you get..... Purple!!! So regal, so unique.
Perhaps some of the most difficult rooms to design are those that are built around neutral color schemes. Carefully selected lighter tints and darker shades of white, cream, taupe, grey, black are perfectly balanced to create a clean and classic look!
Probably the best advice I can give when it comes to accessorizing is to remember the Decorating BAGG.
Black- Every room needs a touch of it to add depth and drama. Artwork and Accessories...
such a personal choice yet one that sets your room apart from all others. Lamps, artwork, mirrors, candlesticks, urns, baskets all are wondrous choices to finish off your room.
Glass- don't forget when giving your room the finishing touch to include the texture of Glass to lighten up the room. Greenery- so basic, yet sooo missing from many rooms. Bring a bit of the outdoors... in!

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