Hidden Blessings

On Saturday, July 30th I was involved in a one car accident. It seemed that I had blacked out at the wheel of my car but thankfully, did not hit anyone and only minor damage to my car.
What has transpired in the last 10 days since the wreck... has seemed like a dream, almost unreal. But, it was real and in this experience I have once again experienced God's Grace and Restoration.

Upon arriving at the hospital, I was admitted and checked from head to toe for neurological issues with most all returning normal test results. Right before they were going to dismiss me, the doctor stated that they were beginning to wonder if this might be a heart issue.

It was a heart issue. After another day of testing, including a stress test, they detected I had gone into VTAC (an irregular rhythm which can be fatal) at one part of the workout. Subsequently, they scheduled a heart cathetorization for the next day. The heart cathetorization was unsuccessful but did reveal the real problem. It was a congential anomoly with my heart that I never knew I had.

I underwent open heart surgery last thursday, August 4th and am happy to say that all went well! I'm home and of course, "itching" to get back to my Grace "A Place of Restoration".
I'm told that the aftermath of Heart Bypass includes a slow recovery often accompanied with much emotional residue. This is foreign terittory for me and so, I know I must take it a day at a time.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my family who has put up with ALOT from me during the past week in the aftermath of the surgery and been by my side consistently, as well as my customers who have sent such warm and heartfelt notes of care and concern.

We're entering the fall season, a perfect time to set out on some needed walks according to my physician. I believe that we can all use a great outing and encourage you to check out Grace soon.... you'll be amazed. The store has been TOTALLY transformed with layout and treasures!
I am pleased and grateful for the hidden blessings that happen in our life . Let us take time to recognize them.