Decorating Ideas to Beat the Heat

Bringing the Outdoors In... "Decorating Ideas to Beat the Heat"

If you are like I am, you most likely despise the days like today when you open the front door freshly showered and ready to go only to find that you are "wilting" by the time you get to your car! And.... it's only 7:30 a.m.!!!

Perhaps it's my "season" in life (I'm 49) but I would much prefer spending time indoors this time of year to escape the heat. I find an inner "tug of war" however, given the fact that as I gaze out the window at the gorgeous vignette and haven which I have created outside in celebration of summer... I am now but an observer, unable to participate in its actual enjoyment.

The horrendous heat does not have to prohibit you from enjoying your garden pieces and outdoor decor which you so carefully selected and invested in. Consider bringing them indoors to create a summery refreshed look!

I absolutely love the look of a room which utilizes outdoor fixtures, furniture, accents and elements as enhancements to indoor rooms.

Over the past several years, our choices of garden ornaments and outdoor furniture have increased dramatically while the price point has decreased considerably given the numerous selections offered in the marketplace. Consider using iron, glass, shabby wood patio table and/or chairs in lieu of your everyday kitchen table and chairs . Place garden statuaries and concrete urns on dining tables, in bathrooms and entryways to give texture and interest to those areas.

My advice to your inner creative decorator who hates the heat... pull it indoors and enjoy!



The Power of Paint

I love the power of paint! I am an equal opportunity "paint anything" kind of decorator.

Throughout the years, I found that as my decorating budget for my own home was less than prosperous... by painting pieces in dramatic and colorful tones... I could add unbelievable "pop" to any piece- truly giving it "new life". This was, of course, much to the dismay of many who were raised during the era of "never paint over wood".

I was daring, naive and the sky was the limit as far as I was concerned when it came to the boundaries of what could be painted and what could not. I would often joke with friends and clients that "I would paint my kids most likely if they stood still long enough"! Today, over 27 years later, I am the same passionate "painter" that I was many years ago.

I believe in the power of paint to transform a room- walls, ceilings, furniture, lamps, accent pieces... all are perfect candidates for my painter's palette. When I fill my store with unique pieces, they are pieces that I hand pick for their "good bones", and although often scarred, marred and needing lots of help... I see beyond their imperfections to the final result when I complete their makeover with paint as my miracle worker.

When deciding on a color of paint for a room or piece of furniture- be sure to invest in a few sheets of poster board. Cut the poster board into 4 sections and paint each with the paint color which you are considering. Put one swatch on each wall for your review throughout the day and over perhaps several days. I encourage my decorating clients to look at the paint color in the early morning when entering a room for the first time in the morning, the afternoon, and night.

It is also very important to view the color on cloudy days as well as sunny days. You will find that the color looks differently on each wall... even though it is the exact same color! The amount of light and reflections from the ceiling and floor alter the color tone.

My best advice from many years of experience is to not be afraid to experiment with color. For rooms that are very dark or even extremely light... consider going a bit deeper and more vibrant as light and wood absorb color like a sponge. Therefore, light colors tend to be washed out in such room environments.

Lastly, I will give a word to the wise warning... once color is introduced into a home, be prepared that you have now "opened a can of worms" so to say! Suddenly, rooms with simple, neutral tones look empty and in need of a makeover. Color changes are easy to do when using paint and certainly easy on the pocket book.