Decorating Ideas to Beat the Heat

Bringing the Outdoors In... "Decorating Ideas to Beat the Heat"

If you are like I am, you most likely despise the days like today when you open the front door freshly showered and ready to go only to find that you are "wilting" by the time you get to your car! And.... it's only 7:30 a.m.!!!

Perhaps it's my "season" in life (I'm 49) but I would much prefer spending time indoors this time of year to escape the heat. I find an inner "tug of war" however, given the fact that as I gaze out the window at the gorgeous vignette and haven which I have created outside in celebration of summer... I am now but an observer, unable to participate in its actual enjoyment.

The horrendous heat does not have to prohibit you from enjoying your garden pieces and outdoor decor which you so carefully selected and invested in. Consider bringing them indoors to create a summery refreshed look!

I absolutely love the look of a room which utilizes outdoor fixtures, furniture, accents and elements as enhancements to indoor rooms.

Over the past several years, our choices of garden ornaments and outdoor furniture have increased dramatically while the price point has decreased considerably given the numerous selections offered in the marketplace. Consider using iron, glass, shabby wood patio table and/or chairs in lieu of your everyday kitchen table and chairs . Place garden statuaries and concrete urns on dining tables, in bathrooms and entryways to give texture and interest to those areas.

My advice to your inner creative decorator who hates the heat... pull it indoors and enjoy!



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