Tapestries from the Past

I have a particularly strong weakness for things from the past... pretty obvious for someone who owns a store specializing in such treasures. But perhaps one of the things I'm most fond of, enamored with and excited for are antique and vintage needlepoint canvases!

While a Chi Omega in college at Mizzou, I started the awesome pasttime of needlepoint. As memory serves me I began approximately 3 different projects- a bookmark, pillow and small eyeglass case... and never finished a one of them! In fact, I'm quite sure that I most likely sold them in a garage sale at some point. During my first pregnancy I took up the hobby yet again, this time determined to actually complete a piece. I'm not sure of what I was expecting but certainly once our litle "bundle of joy" arrived, the last thing that I had time for was needlepointing!

So... I am a needlepoint guru wanna-be:) My utter amazement and excitement when scouring for treasures is when I come upon an absolutely beautiful, completely finished needlepoint tapestry! You know the ones that somehow have made their way into a small shop, sitting hidden, folded and covered by other relics. A completely beautiful piece which most certainly took someone countless hours to complete! Here is what I have never been able to figure out... why in the world would someone take so much time and effort to create such beautiful pieces and yet let go of them.

Wouldn't you love to know the story behind the artist, the creator... the "finisher" if you will. That dedicated artist who loved it enough to choose the canvas and create the art!!
These needlepoint tapestries can be found in abundance at flea markets, antique stores, booths at malls, even garage sales. Pieces from times gone by, lovingly hand made treasures waiting to be rescued!!!

I will always choose to rescue most of these pieces. My imagination is to use them for framing as a piece of art, upholstery for a chair or bench, making a pillow.... or simply to "have" and to cherish.

So... for those of you that are the dedicated "finishers" of your hobby of needlepointing... I, for one, thank you and salute you for such wonderful works of art that seem to find their way into someone else's life.


Many of you have inquired as to if I have children. Yes, I am delighted to share with you that I am the proud mother of a son and two precious daughters. My son lives in southern California and the girls are closer to home! They are truly my support, help in many ways and when it comes right down to it.... my inspirations!

Today has been an exciting day! We just received a shipment of new treasures which we're diligently working to price and put out for your "treasure hunting" pleasure. The european carousel horse has arrived and is beautifully appointed in our center room.

I'm going to be putting blue ribbons on many items and starting wednesday, will be offering 10% off all blue ribbon items. Such a great time to acquire that larger ticket item you've wanted for so long.... or a small treasure ... perhaps a gift for father's day, summer wedding, etc..

Blessings to you and take a moment to put your feet up and sip a nice cool glass of lemonade:)