Grace "A Place of Restoration": A Sneek peek of reality!

Grace "A Place of Restoration": A Sneek peek of reality!

A Sneek peek of reality!

I've decided it's time to shed the beautifully decorated, "perfect" look image of Grace. Instead, today I wanted to show you a picture of my absolutely favorite, disheveled, dirty and chaotic area..... the workroom!
We call it "the dungeon" and on any given day you will find one of our design assistants down painting a piece that I've pulled in from who knows where... often times the look on their faces when I bring a discovered prize through the door is one of complete disbelief! As if to say... what will she bring in next or has she absolutely lost her mind? LOL
Yes, I can proudly say that I have completely lost my mind and in order to do what we do here.... it is actually a mandatory requirement!!
The dungeon is actually where each prized piece, however broken and to some people "ugly" that it might be, undergoes its complete transformation! It will be cleaned, painted, restructured, repaired, taken apart, stripped or repurposed... whatever mood I seem to be in that particular day makes the decision usually on what it will become.
No, we do not allow admittance into this area.... most of you are thinking "don't worry, I'd never want to venture there"! But I know that for many brave, creative and daring women ... it's a dream come true, a highlight of their day.... if nothing else, it will remind one of how clean and orderly that their home probably is in comparison!
There are few things that come close to bringing me as much joy in my work than when sharing my knowledge and expertise with customers.
This past saturday morning, 16 women joined me at my new Columbia store for the first decorating workshop held at this location. We talked about making your house truly your home with the use of color and accessories.
I'd like to share a few tips below for those that couldn't make it!

Creating a personalized look with color and accessories does not have to be overwhelming! Throughout the years as an interior decorator, I can think of so many clients who were somewhat "lost" when trying to decide on a color scheme. My suggestions are many in reference to color choices... perhaps the most basic, however, is to start in your closet!
Many times, the color inwhich we are most comfortable with are those that we wear.
Keep in mind that some colors are more condusive to certain rooms. The passion of reds, for example, are such excellent choices for rooms such as dining rooms to increase the appetite.
Similarly, northern exposure rooms do well to create visual "warmth" with golden yellow and comfy red tones. Blue.... the infamous "masculine" color isn't just for the guys any longer...
the serene touch that they lend gives a very calming effect. Such an excellent choice for a room needing serenity. Combine red and blue and what do you get..... Purple!!! So regal, so unique.
Perhaps some of the most difficult rooms to design are those that are built around neutral color schemes. Carefully selected lighter tints and darker shades of white, cream, taupe, grey, black are perfectly balanced to create a clean and classic look!
Probably the best advice I can give when it comes to accessorizing is to remember the Decorating BAGG.
Black- Every room needs a touch of it to add depth and drama. Artwork and Accessories...
such a personal choice yet one that sets your room apart from all others. Lamps, artwork, mirrors, candlesticks, urns, baskets all are wondrous choices to finish off your room.
Glass- don't forget when giving your room the finishing touch to include the texture of Glass to lighten up the room. Greenery- so basic, yet sooo missing from many rooms. Bring a bit of the outdoors... in!

Grace "A Place of Restoration": Am I Crazy Yet?

Grace "A Place of Restoration": Am I Crazy Yet?

Am I Crazy Yet?

In the fall of 2009, I was working as a recruiter and traveling nearly 1,000 miles per week. Needless to say, my theme song was Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again"!
I began contemplating change. Change... such a profound word. Five letters, one syllable and a definition which could go on throughout all eternity. Simple, yet overwhelmingly difficult. Rejuvenating, yet completely exhausting to even fathom. My desire for change seemed to be so much deeper than how I spent my work day. There was a desire for change in both mind and motion. I had been through some major transitions of change throughout my life, but most came out of necessity and demand. Could it be that I would actually choose to turn my seemingly normal and "steady" life into one filled with daily uncertainty, passion, creativity and adventure? I came to decide..... YES!

Had it been done before? Absolutely! In fact, I had done it before. Having had an interior decorating business in St. Louis for more than 20 years as my children were growing up.... I experienced the thrill and fulfillment of using my talents to help others decorate... while also engaging in the most important role of my life..... mother, to three wonderfully creative and young children. But now, as I approached my late 40's... single and two of three children "out of the nest"...could I return to that passion and turn it somehow into a paycheck? Would I survive? Better yet... would I thrive? I decided that the "pain" of staying in my current situation was greater than the possible pain in choosing a different path knowing that I might sink versus swim. Thus, my journey began.

The location was an historic former church along the Katy Trail, certainly a once in a lifetime setting! I began setting up "shop". "Shop" was an unbelievably beautiful store filled with antiquities, interior decor and my all time passion..... architectural salvage items. How did I pull it all together in a matter of 45 days to open the doors to my new "home" away from home?Adrenalin, passion, commitment and plain old insanity!!!

Grace "A Place of Restoration" was born. Grace.... amazing really. It was certainly through God's grace that I had lived the life of so many blessings. "A Place of Restoration"... salvaging and transforming broken and forgotten pieces of history into beautifully creative treasures. I could identify myself as a piece to be restored... and through this journey over the past year and a half.... I certainly have.

"Grace", is an extension of me. When visitors enter her doors, they are in essence, stepping into my haven in which I work, I live, I love and I share. Countless numbers of women have commented to me that I am "living their dream". (Of which I don't shatter their image by sharing the reality of a day-in-my-life description of exactly what the art of "salvaging" brings with it.... dirt, lifting, hauling...) I smile, both inside and out, and let them know how grateful that I am to be doing what I am doing and most importantly, grateful to be sharing what I do and what I create with them.

I am often stressed, but always blessed. I am often tired and sometimes feel like throwing my hands up in frustration and confusion as to how to grow my business, create even better ideas and treasures and at times.... simly make it through the day. But I am grateful for every single second of it. I am grateful that for today, one day at a time, I am not only living my dream but the dream of so many.