A Sneek peek of reality!

I've decided it's time to shed the beautifully decorated, "perfect" look image of Grace. Instead, today I wanted to show you a picture of my absolutely favorite, disheveled, dirty and chaotic area..... the workroom!
We call it "the dungeon" and on any given day you will find one of our design assistants down painting a piece that I've pulled in from who knows where... often times the look on their faces when I bring a discovered prize through the door is one of complete disbelief! As if to say... what will she bring in next or has she absolutely lost her mind? LOL
Yes, I can proudly say that I have completely lost my mind and in order to do what we do here.... it is actually a mandatory requirement!!
The dungeon is actually where each prized piece, however broken and to some people "ugly" that it might be, undergoes its complete transformation! It will be cleaned, painted, restructured, repaired, taken apart, stripped or repurposed... whatever mood I seem to be in that particular day makes the decision usually on what it will become.
No, we do not allow admittance into this area.... most of you are thinking "don't worry, I'd never want to venture there"! But I know that for many brave, creative and daring women ... it's a dream come true, a highlight of their day.... if nothing else, it will remind one of how clean and orderly that their home probably is in comparison!

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