Our Entryways.... the "Heart" of your Home

After many years of decorating roooms, I still find the Entryway to be one of the most challenging of all spaces to decorate and design.

Many times, the space is small, narrow and minimal on wall space- it is more important than ever to carefully make our choices in decor in order to get "the biggest bang for your buck"!

The entyway picture above , originally created by Shannon Bowers of Dallas, offers color, contrast and simplicity to a narrow space.

Many times, we find pictures in magazine and other decorating publications that give us the inspiration to begin decorating and designing our rooms, only to find that our alotted "budget" is not compatable with the elements shown in the beautiful magazine picture.

Fear not.... there is a way to "get this look for less". Consider the addition of some similar pieces that perhaps provide the same sense of balance, texture and weight to a space- yet are not as much as an investment as some of the more "pricey" designer items.

The green cabinet on the right side of the entryway photo, could easily be replaced with the wonderful shabby chic shutter screen which brings in the white and green which are dominant to this color scheme. If the space is a narrow one- screens are a perfect way to fill a corner, and change the line and angle of a room- getting rid of the "bowling alley" look.
How about the addition of florals and greenery- a must for every room. This gorgeous dried hydrangea wreath with lemon leaves and berries would add just the right texture and 3 dimensional detailing needed to finish off an otherwise very "flat" area.
Finally, the addition of the salvaged Wood Candlesticks would create warmth by offering the opportunity to light candles upon the arrival of your guests. Nothing says "welcome" more than warm light and a lovely aroma as you enter a home!

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