It's Spring.... and GREEN is in!!!

Nothing says Spring better than the color Green! As a traditional "Irish girl", green has always been a personal favorite of mine!

While working with my Decorating Clients over the years, I stressed the importance of adding Green to every room. Bringing "the outdoors in", is essential in giving your room a fresh and completed look. In fact..... I want to share with you my secret for a custom finished room- the decorating BAGG.

In order to give a room a decorator's touch , it's important to add a BAGG to every room.

Black- adding a bit of black to your room gives it the depth and drama it needs. Perhaps it's a small bit of black in a picture frame, candlestick, lamp shade or even a larger piece such as an upholstered sofa in a beautiful print fabric which accents the color black.

Artwork and Accessories- These two elements are truly the "icing on the cake" when expressing your own personal style in your rooms. Art truly is in the eye of the beholder. How about using a fun and whimsical piece of art in your formal dining room? The juxtaposition of these two styles creates a "surprise" element that your friends will remember!
Accessories are such a great investment! When you move- you take them with you and they are easily changed throughout each room. Mix it up.... move them around from room to room to get a completely fresh and different look.

Glass- The beautiful, light and reflective elegance of glass is a perfect balance to the heavier elements of a room. Add a bit of glass with candlesticks, picture frames, lamps, etc.... to illuminate your room.

Greenery- Bring the outdoor in!!! I can't stress enough the importance of adding greenery to every room. Have a "brown thumb"? No problem! I recommend to clients that they invest in good quality artificial greenery to give a natural look and fill in that empty corner, tabletop, or shelf. I am particularly fond of Palms..... not the Miami with coconuts Palms..... rather the elegance of Areca or Arelia palms.

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