Just a glimpse of my home

I've been asked by many customers, "where do you live"? I go on to explain that I have a historic home in Boonville, Mo. in that was built @ 1840. What a gem! The home was owned by the family who owned The Stein House in Boonville on Main Street for many years. Just 2 bedrooms..... and they raised 5 children in the home! My back yard is full of perenialls and it truly has a rustic/cottage feel.

I've attached a picture of one of my sitting rooms- I love the use of cream, yellow and the clean addition of green- truly the "new" neutral.

Notice the use of an area rug over the wood floors. Area rugs are such a great way to "anchor" a room. Truly, the floor level of color in our rooms is often the forgotten level of color.

Decorating Tip: Be sure to anchor your rooms with color. Area rugs create a wonderful focal point to finish off a room.

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